Employment Services Assistant


Overall job site management of community based employment and volunteer settings and assessments in conjunction with Job Site Coordinator:

Job Coaching Duties

1.  Develop training plans appropriate to customer and employer needs, utilizing Job Analysis provided by Job Development team to ensure smooth transition to job coaching

2.  Monitor customer’s job performance through regular site visits; determine when and where to fade supports based on job coach documentation and observation. Provide assistance/training to job coaches to help them recognize and identify fade opportunities.

3.  Assist job coaches to develop co-worker support, and identify/ encourage establishment of natural supports in the workplace to improve customer independence and aid in fading process.

4.  Develop and maintain good working relationships with job coaches, management at job sites/employers, and SES customers

5.  Troubleshoot any issues on site with customer/job coaches, supervisor and/or co-workers. Assist job coaches to improve SES customer’s social interactions at the job site.

6.  Responsible for the procurement and accuracy of customer supported and unsupported hours data, general data collection, and assigning signature gathering at the end of the month on job coach schedules. Track and monitor progress toward completion and ensure job coach compliance.

Job Site Supervision

  1. Supervise and train Support Staff on job sites:
    1. In coordination with Job Site Coordinator, conduct job site visits to determine training and support meets customer’s and employer’s needs and expectations
    2. Identify job site issues, work with job coach and employer to assess the situation and determine options to resolve issues, with Job Site Coordinator input.
    3. Supervise and monitor compliance with reporting requirements of job coaches: tablet data current and accurate, OVRS hours management; training reports completed and on time, usage of the correct forms and data entry into mobile reporting system; ensure case notes current and informative; DD54 reporting is accurate and timely; ensure proper procedures and policies are followed by staff and conduct safety inspections.
    4. Schedule job analysis if needed; assist Job Site Coordinator to communicate/coordinate schedule changes with Support Staff; responsible for covering job sites in the absence of primary Support Staff; In conjunction with Job Site Coordinator, ensure that all Support Staff are cross trained on customers to provide maximum level of coverage during absences; lead staff toward decision making based on SES mission and values, and embracing/understanding customer service.
    5. Report to Job Site Coordinator the status and progress of all job sites and issues weekly, or as needed.
    6. Develop strong working relationships with staff, customers, and other people we are in contact with through SES, Inc. business.
    7. Participate in job site meetings, job development meetings, staff meetings, and call meetings to resolve job site issues with staff and other players, if needed.


  1. In coordination with Job Site Coordinator, participate in ISP generation, including Protocol writing, and PCI completion when needed; OVRS contract requirements/milestones; and ensuring OARS compliance with ODDS.
  2. Other duties/projects as assigned


Prefer experience in direct service with people with developmental disabilities, preferably in community based vocational settings.  Ability to work independently and as part of a team, collect and interpret data, compile statistical reports,  and be a creative problem-solver.  A degree in Special Education, Human Service, Psychology, or equivalent training and experience required; must possess a valid driver’s license, and carry the auto insurance limits required by SES, Inc. A DMV background check will be performed as part of pre-employment procedure.


Supported Employment Services, Inc. subscribes to the Supported Work training model, beginning with the customer’s first day of employment. The “initial” training phase includes intense 1.1 training, wherein the customer is just learning the speed, productivity and quality expectations of the new position. This phase typically lasts about a month (length of time is based on individual learning pace, and can be shorter or longer.) Throughout this month, job coaches/site support staff will attend the whole work shift and perform work duties alongside customers. Job Site support/Job Coaches should expect to provide a large amount of physical assistance including, but not limited to, bending, twisting, lifting, reaching, squatting, repetitive movement, standing for long periods of time, extended periods of walking, and ability to perform tasks while teaching customers effectively. The on-going training phase begins when the customer has reached independence in a portion of their job, enabling job coaches to fade training. This phase can include physical supports in a limited capacity. The need for physical supports decreases as customer learning/independence increases.

Due to the nature of SES business, support staff schedules are dependent on when the customer is scheduled to work by the employer. As such, schedules are completed a week ahead of time to allow for maximum flexibility. Additionally, customers may call off for work, or be fired/laid off at any time, in which case, SES will attempt to fill hours with another assignment. This position requires a high level of flexibility in both schedule changes and hours of work. SES customers are often scheduled nights and weekends, and staff are expected to be available to provide supports.