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In lesson one I’ll discuss the role of thejob coach at the job site I look at whatyour responsibilities are and are notwe’ll also go over ways to identifyemployee and employer preferences aboutyour presence and the actions you willtake at the workplace and I’ll explainhow to offer support on-site in arespectful manner after completing thislesson you will be able to identify theemployees and the employers preferencesabout job coaching explain the role of ajob coach to the employer and co-workersprovide job site supports in arespectful non stigmatizing manner whenyou’re getting ready to support anemployee the first thing to do is findout how and when the person wants toreceive job coaching services do theywant you by their side all day do theywant you on call your office where theycan reach you if needed do they want youto call them at the end of the day orduring evening services and supportshould always be discussed with employeeand provided in a respectful nonsignifies and agreed upon manner this iseven more important if you’re going tobe present at the jobsite itsexpectations aren’t set up before youshow up your presence can create stigmaand misconceptions about the employeesabilities when the decision is made foryou to be at the workplaceyou’ll also need to clearly inform theemployer about your role do this beforethe first day of work it’s important tofactor in the employers preferences whenproviding supports to the individual forexample the employer may have strongfeelings about where you’re located inthe workplace or how much you interactwith the new workers colleagues the roleof a job coach can include many thingsso to make it less murky let’s break itdown at what job coaching is really allabout in a nutshell the job coaches roleat the job site is to do five things onehelp a new employee to learn their jobtasks to identify natural supportsaccommodations and assistive technologythat will enable the new employee to bemore independent at their job 3 a systememployed to become socially included inthe workplace for Assissi employee toadvocate for himself or herself at thejob site 5 act as a consultantlawyer as they support and supervisetheir new employee and there are threeroles that a job coach should never takeon or imply that they will perform youshould never perform any management orsupervisory role you should also avoidperforming job tasks for or with theemployee even if your goal is toincrease work production or work qualityfinally you shouldn’t spend unnecessarytime at the job site consider thisscenario your agency has been assistingartal to find a job he’s finallyaccepted a job offer and it’s startingwork this Monday you support Arnold andsharing his news with his familyresidential staff and other team memberseveryone is very excited for him and youdiscussed Arnold’s preferences about thecoaching al offer now what happens wellyour next step is to talk to theemployer about how job coaching willwork on their endin particular it’s important to clearlyexplain what your role will and will notbe what do you think you might say tothe employer how does this sound I’m ajob coach for Arnold and I’m paidthrough XYZ agency I can assist Arnoldin learning his job and help him performhis tests and I can stay with him atwork to ensure that he does his jobproperly every day believe me he’ll haveall the support he needs to besuccessful at your company hmm if I wasthe employer what assumptions might Imake based on this statement well Imight think that you’re not only goingto help out I’ll learn how to do his jobbut there you’re also going to help himperform his tasks by doing the job withhim I’d also assume that you’ll be therewith him all the time regardless of howwell he’s performing I might even thinkthat you’re going to take on some levelof supervision of Arnold that’s way toomuch responsibility for any job coachyou should be there to supplement thesupervision training and support thatthe employer already provides to anyemployee you can also act as a resourceand consultant to the new employee andthe employer on accommodations assistivetechnology and disability law jobcoaches should also facilitate thesocial inclusion of the individual intothe workplace back to the five roles ofa job coach how might you use thoseto create a better description of whatyou’ll do for Arnold take a few minutesand jot down some notes when you’reready to resume press play okay let’ssee another way for a job coach todescribe their rolehow does this work better I’m a jobcoach for Arnold and I’m paid throughXYZ agency I can come to work withArnold and help him complete all the newhire paperwork I can also sit throughany training that he gets that way I cansupport him as he learns his tasks andgets oriented to his new workenvironment over time he’ll need me lessand less basically my job is tocollaborate with you to make sure Arnoldis a successful employee this statementmakes it sound like the job coach willwork as a partner with the employer tomake this job a success it doesn’t makeany commitments about how long the jobcoach will be coming to the job site oroverseeing Arnold’s work performanceit describes job coaching as saving outover time overall it makes a job coachsound like what they truly are aconsultant to Arnold and the employerlet’s pause for a brief review of whatI’ve been talking about